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2016.11 Joined China International Industry Fair

2016.09 Joined Industrial Automation North America, Chicago

2016.03 Joined Semicon China in Shanghai, China

2015.10 Joined Washington DC Economic Mission

2015.04 Joined FIBO exhibition in Germany

2015.12 Bucheon City’s Best Product Award (Bucheon Mayor)

2013.04 High-speed semiconductor package inspection equipment under development

2012.11 Joined New Delhi International Industrial Fair in India

2012.11 Joined Shanghai International Automation Equipment Exhibition, China

2012.10 Registered patent of semiconductor chip lead calibration device

2012.08 Registered patent of vacuum chamber soldering device

2012.06 Registered patent of multiple pellet element loading devices with spreader (MLCC loading equipment)

2012.04 Selected as global small but strong enterprise promotion project (R&D company)

2012.04 Patented the mechanical press machine for easy-to-replace elastic material for a semiconductor package

2012.03 Registered patent for a mechanical press cushion device to prevent overload and eccentric load

2012.01 Registered patent of multiple pellet element loading devices (MLCC loading device)

2010.11 Transferred factory to the new location

2009.07 Submitted Semiconductor Equipment Exhibition at Semicon West

2009.06 Remote control-type elevator

2009.02 Method of forming solder balls by jet printing method

2008.12 Joined Tokyo Semiconductor Equipment Exhibition

2008.11 ISO 14001 인증(MSA)

2008.07 Awarded the Trim/Form prize in Innovative type in Bucheon City

2008.06 Selected as promising small and medium export company by Small and Medium Business Administration

2008.05 Designated as an industrial family company by Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Support Center

2008.05 Re-registered as a venture company

2008.04 Selected as A+ Member company of Technology Guarantee Fund

2008.03 Joined Shanghai Semiconductor Equipment Exhibition in China

2007.12 Received award from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Ministry of Knowledge Economy) for new technology

2007.09 Registered patent of patient transfer device

2007.07 Awarded Innovative SME Bucheon City Excellent Product Award

2007.06 Selected as a management innovation-type SME

2007.05 Selected as developing company of Small and Medium Business Innvoation (TAPE automatic impulse sealer)

2007.04 Patent application (A paper cup with a handle: Application number 10-2007-0042210)

2007.04 Patent application (Remote control-type elevator: Application number 10-2007-0033771)

2006.09 Selected as components and material comprehensive technology support business (Design and manufacture of high-speed feeding units for the lead frame cam press) )

2006.07 Confirmation of components and material specialized company

2006.06 Obtained INNOBIZ from Small and Medium Business Administration

2006.01 Patent application patient transfer device (Application number 10-2006-0007150)

2005.12 Expansion to 153-8, Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

2005.05 Confirmed venture business (2005.05.31)

2005.05 Selected as Gyeonggi Internet Trade Frontier Company

2003.12 Acquired CE certificate for Trim Form Singulation

2003.10 Acquired patent for speed regulator of twin direction & elevator having emergency brake

2003.09 Acquired patent for Strip Slot Punch & Slot Punching Method

2003.03 Upgrade ISO 9001 to ISO 2001

2001.11 Won the $1 Million Export Tower

2001.05 Establishment of affiliated research institute

2000.12 Selected as a military service exemption company

2000.07 Free issue of new shares; 127,400 shares (KRW 728 million)

2000.03 Paid-in capital increase; 8,200 shares (KRW 91 million)

2000.01 Registered as a venture company

1999.11 Transferred to 199-4 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

1999.09 Conversion into Samil Tech Co., Ltd

1998.11 Acquired ISO 9001 certification

1998.07 Selected as technology free contracting company by Ministry of Science and Technology

1998.06 Selected as a technology innovation company by Small and Medium Business Administration

1998.05 Entered Singapore Semiconductor Equipment Exhibition

1998.04 Selected as a promising SME by Gyeonggi Province

1996.12 First export of Lead Conditioning System

1996.07 Selected as a high-tech project company by the Ministry of Commerce Industry

1994.12 Transferred to 100-7, Dodang-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

1993.09 Established Samil Engineering